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Lori Storey

If you have visited our Walla Walla tasting room, chances are you have met Lori Storey. You would be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic or good-hearted person whose passion for wine and food fills every room she is in.

Starting life in New England, Lori eventually made her way to Las Vegas and found the love of her life, her husband Paul. They made a happy life there and raised two beautiful children. Las Vegas has no shortage of opportunity for food and wine and Lori took advantage by earning an associates degree in pastry arts.

Paul's pharmacy career led them to Yakima for two years, during which time they ventured over to Walla Walla to explore wine country. They formed a strong attachment to the valley and made their move here shortly after their initial visits.

Lori's neighbor was the former Pepper Bridge Tasting Room Manager and brought Lori on to help out with special events and seasonal help. She joined the team full time in 2016 and the rest is history!

If you would like to contact Lori, you can email her at