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Ray Goff

amavi_pepperbridge_042No disrespect to beer, the beverage he worked with for nearly half a lifetime. But wine is Ray Goff's abiding passion.

Before joining Pepper Bridge Winery as a partner in 1998, Goff worked for 30 years at Anheuser-Busch Companies, as vice president of corporate purchasing and president of the company's agricultural subsidiary. Yet even as he toured the world on behalf of beer - building China's first brewery; globe-trotting in his search for the finest hops - Goff found time for wine tasting excursions, most of them to California. Until a stop in Washington changed everything.

On one of his many hops-buying trips, Goff found himself in Prosser, where he struck up a close friendship with hops-grower and winery owner, Mike Hogue. It was then that Goff first tasted Walla Walla wines. So long Napa and Sonoma. Goff's annual tasting trips to California ceased.

His friendship with Hogue, his agricultural experience and his love of wine led to Goff's involvement with Pepper Bridge. An industrial engineer, with a Master's degree from Texas Tech University, he played a central role in the design and construction of the winery. He also helped launch Pepper Bridge Winery's sister winery, Amavi Cellars, where he serves as a managing partner, too.

Ray can be reached at