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Pepper Bridge Winery teams up with Fat Duck Inn for delicious class

Dec. 19, 2016

Pepper Bridge Winery teams up  with Fat Duck Inn for delicious class

Great Northwest Wine shares in full detail the Pepper Bridge Food & Wine Pairing Experience

Those participating in the Pepper Bridge Winery pairing were, clockwise starting from the lower left, Jennifer Clapp, Rich Koby, Cynthia Koby, Tracy Shiel, John Shiel, Oliver Batson, tasting room staffer Kat Dyer and Julie Batson. (Photo by Abra Bennett/Great Northwest Wine)
By  on December 19, 2016

You’ve been in those crowded tasting rooms, where folks are elbow to elbow, everyone waiting for their next pour. A few people are loud, having visited several other tastings before this one. 

Perhaps there are a few crackers or nuts on offer as palate cleansers, perhaps not. The person pouring would love to answer your questions about the growing conditions during the particular vintage in your glass, but doesn’t have time for more than a word or two. If you knew more about these wines you might enjoy them more, but there’s no easy way to find out. You leave disappointed, having maybe bought one bottle, just to be polite or to have the tasting fee waived.

Now contrast that experience with this one.

You’re in a hushed wine library. You’re deep under the cellar, where the lights are dim, and you’re surrounded by old bottles. You’re comfortably seated with six or eight other people, and you have a sommelier all to yourselves. The wines in front of you have been thoughtfully paired with gourmet bites. There’s no pressure to buy, no pressure of any sort. For the next hour and a half or so, you are there to do nothing but nibble, sip, discuss and learn.

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