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Southside Wine Club Experience

May. 25, 2017

Southside Wine Club Experience
The Southside Wine Club Experience returns to
Walla Walla this month. 

If you are a wine club member at ANY of the *participating wineries, we invite you for a weekend of free tasting (and food pairings!). In addition, should you like to purchase wines at any of the participating wineries, you can take advantage of their wine club pricing. 

Stop by Pepper Bridge Winery first to receive your club member wrist band and the complete list of participating wineries. 

*list of participating wineries (as of 6/1/17)
  • Pepper Bridge Winery

  • Balboa Winery

  • Zerba Cellars

  • Dragon’s Gate Brewery

  • Watermill Winery

  • Va Piano Vineyards

  • March Cellars & Vital Wines

  • Isenhower Cellars

  • Waters, Tero & Flying TroutWaters, Tero & Flying TroutWaters, Tero & Flying Trout

  • Sleight of Hand Cellars

  • Rulo Winery

  • Gifford Hirlinger

  • Amavi Cellars

  • Northstar Winery

  • Saviah Cellars

  • Basel Cellars

  • Dusted Valley