Want to hang with the our winemakers but not coming to Walla Walla anytime soon? Connect with the Director of Winemaking, Jean-François Pellet & Production Winemaker Joel Wright, as they work their way through a blind tasting. Purchase your pack to join this one-hour live tasting and see how winemakers look at wines and decode the details in each.

Enjoy 3 mystery red wine blends featuring exclusive club-only wines! Place your order by June 7 to have your wines shipped to you in time or pick up from the Walla Walla tasting room.


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Retail $235 – Only 20 collections available!

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You will receive your pack ahead of time, so no peeking before the event! If you would like to ask questions, feel free to submit them ahead of time via email. The Zoom tasting will also be hosted by a moderator to whom you can type and submit your questions to during the event.

June 17, 2021
5:30pm - 6:30pm