Give Thanks


Back in June, during the first Covid-19 shutdown, we looked for ways to support our local community. With the new round of restrictions implemented just before the holidays, we feel the need to expand our reach to every community!

Unlike other industries that can safely transition to a “work from home” environment, restaurants are unable to pivot in this manner. The servers, bussers, cooks, and dishwashers have built their lives on serving others, yet they are the one of the hardest hit during this time. Restaurants are finding creative ways to stay in business and we would like to do our part to make sure they are able to pay their bills, support their employees, keep the lights on, and continue to feed us all.

In the true holiday spirit, let’s leave lamenting behind and instead, find ways to help make it better for them.

Eat, Drink, and Enjoy

Send wine to your friends and family this holiday season, or stock your cellar for your own feast, and know that you are helping your community survive.

For every 6 bottles of wine you buy from us through the end of the year, we will include a $50 gift card from the restaurant of your choice.

If you purchase 24 bottles and would like to support 4 restaurants, do it. If you want to send the gift cards to someone else to enjoy, we will do that for you!

Claim your Gift Card

Choose Your Wine

Any combination of wines from our store are eligible.

6 bottles = $50 Gift Card
12 bottles = (1) $100 Gift Card or (2) $50 Gift Cards
18 bottles = (1) $150 Gift Card or (3) $50 Gift Cards
24 bottles = (1) $200 Gift Card or (4) $50 Gift Cards
And on, and on, and on!


Choose Your Restaurant

Any restaurant in the US that has a gift card program is eligible.

At checkout, in the Order Notes, please include which restaurant(s) you would like gift cards for, including their phone number or email address so we can contact them. If you have questions, please call us at 509.525.6502.

Orders of 12+ bottles to receive complimentary shipping!