Goldilocks & the Three Vintages 1

One was cold. One was hot. One was just right.

Okay, we’ll admit the comparison between wine and porridge is a bit of a stretch — but when it comes to the weather, the comparison makes perfect sense.

The summers of 2011, 2013, and 2016 were very unique vintages.

  • 2011 did not see a single day over 100° for the first time in over a decade!
  • 2013 was record breaking heat from the start and saw little relief from the heat until September— because of this heat, our grapes stopped photosynthesis in the middle of summer, so we didn’t finish harvest until the end of October.
  • 2016 started as the warmest April on record and ended with a cool summer, finishing harvest in mid-October on track with typical temperatures

How does weather affect the taste of wine?

It all comes down to acidity and tannin.

The cold in 2011 retained beautiful acid giving this wine optimal agebility which resulted in a mouthwatering delight 8 years post-harvest. The heat of 2013 brought the red fruit to the fore-front of the wine and elevated the tannin levels. And our current release, the 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, is delightfully well balanced in both acidity and tannin.