The sun is setting on a crisp Thanksgiving evening. You’ve just come back from a post-dinner walk and are bundling up for a sip by the fire. Someone’s kids are calling for s’mores and you can’t help but admire their endless energy and appetites. You’re looking forward to another dessert and the inevitable grazing throughout the evening, but right now, all you want is to bask in the moment. 


We know that Thanksgiving isn’t just about food; it’s a time to connect, to celebrate, and to give thanks for the love that binds us all together. When it comes time to toast, we hope to join your special moments, bringing together that sense of warmth and contentment that comes with good food, great company, and of course, a bottle of cherished wine.


Here’s my toast to you and yours: May this holiday season bring you and your loved ones closer together. May you always remember the blessings this season holds, and the memories you’ve built around it. Cheers!

Cheers from our Wine Club Manager 1

Katie Vipond | Wine Club Manager



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