Sadie Drury name in 40 Under 40

A big welcome and congratulations to Sadie Drury, host of Episode 2 in this season’s Vineyard Education Series—Sadie has just been named in Wine Enthusiast’s 40 under 40! In addition to growing some of our favorite grapes, she was also named Grower of the Year by the WA Winegrowers Associate, the second woman and youngest person to ever receive the recognition. Follow along as Sadie introduces us to some nuances of the vineyard and discusses the vineyard’s farming practices.


In honor of Sadie, we’re opening up a club exclusive, the 2018 Seven Hills Vineyard blend for purchase to non-members for a limited time (coincidentally, this is JF’s favorite at the moment). Grab it while you can and raise a glass to Sadie!



View the episode and follow for more coming soon!