Your Ultimate Washington Travel Guide 1

Discover Washington’s hidden gems with our curated vacation recommendations for Vancouver, Woodinville, and Walla Walla!

If you are a true wine and food lover, check out Walla Walla, Woodinville, or the Vancouver waterfront. Now we may be a bit biased since we chose these as our homebase but check out some of our recommendations and you just might agree, these are easy to access vacation worthy spots.  

Vancouver, WA

Start your morning with a cup of coffee and baked goods at Thatchers or for a full breakfast before exploring head over to Bleu Door Bakery. After fueling up we suggest getting the blood pumping again and playing on the water for a while, head over to Alder Creek Kayak they will get you set up for a great time! After working out and catching some rays on the water enjoy some amazing tacos at Little Conejo and their house made “Agua Fresca” or if you want a little more coffee get the “Hipster Doofus” (a blend of Relevant cold brew coffee and house horchata, yum), once you are sufficiently refueled it is time to hit the tasting rooms of the Vancouver Waterfront for the afternoon. With all the activity on the waterfront, park a little off the waterfront this year while they build more parking. Pro Tip: Park next to the Coral Club, a locals known speaktiki, make your reservation to get your hand-crafted exotic cocktails.


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