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Discover Washington’s hidden gems with our curated vacation recommendations for Vancouver, Woodinville, and Walla Walla!

If you are a true wine and food lover, check out all our locations. Now we may be a bit biased since we chose these as our homebases but check out some of our recommendations and you just might agree, these are easy to access, vacation-worthy spots.  

Walla Walla, WA

Follow in the Director of Winemaking, Jean-François’ footsteps and get your coffee from Carte–in his words, “perfect coffee every time!” Sip your perfect coffee as you wait for your breakfast table. Prepare for your full day of activities by heading over to The Maple Counter for a hearty breakfast. We all know there is amazing wine in town, but here are places to explore outside of tasting rooms! 

While you are downtown head over to D’Olivo on Main Street where you can delight your senses, smell the loose teas, enjoy the texture of delicious olive oils, and taste the vinegars. This is fun for the whole family, so bring the kids. Stroll over to Allegro and rent an E-Bike and take a ride down the tree lined streets with the most beautiful houses you have seen–we suggest Palouse, Catherine, and Valencia streets to start. Return your bike and reward yourself with an ice cream, visit Pine Cone Creamery, you earned it! Cross the street to pick up your main dish for dinner at Butcher Butcher, with locally supplied products and local born-and-raised owners, there is hometown hospitality here!

Venture out of town and enjoy a feast for your senses. Visit the Blue Mountain Lavender Farm. Who knew that over the hill was all that beauty? From there, head over to Frog Hollow Farm for produce to round out dinner, and pet the adorable animals while you’re there!

If cooking on vacation isn’t your vibe, check out the local spot in Waitsburg, Bar Bacetto. One word of caution you have to drive back, so even though the drinks are amazing, be safe and drive responsibly.

Enjoy all our travel guides!

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