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Les Collines Vineyard: 2015 Vineyard of the Year

Oct. 12, 2015

Les Collines Vineyard: 2015 Vineyard of the Year
"Drive east out of Walla Walla along Cottonwood Road and you begin to gain elevation as you ascend into the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Pass 1,000 feet in elevation and you're above the frost danger zone that plagues vineyards at lower elevations in the valley. Soon thereafter, you reach striking Les Collines Vineyard, which runs from 1,100 to 1,370 feet above sea level. The site was planted on a base of silt loess (windblown particulate matter) formerly planted with peas, wheat and barley, with the first vines going into the ground in 2001. The vineyard is a partnership among Norm McKibben (the managing partner of Pepper Bridge Winery and one of the true luminaries of the Walla Walla Valley); other McKibben family members, including Norm's son Shane, who is the vineyard manager; and Michael Murr, the owner of Garrison Creek Cellars, which is located on site among the vines.

Les Collines (French for "the hills") is a 300-acre site, and 221 of those acres have been planted out with wine grapes, divided among 11 different grape varieties."
- Seattle Magazine's Washington Wine Awards; view full article here.