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Sustainability in Wine Sales

Apr. 2, 2020

Sustainability in Wine Sales
What is this crazy thing called sustainability? 

If you’ve ever asked us about it, you know it’s not a neat and tidy answer, but honestly, we get it. It gives us a chance to tell you about it with stories, to continue a dialogue, and to keep learning and evolving. Here, we’re going to share a bit about a less discussed topic: sustainability in wine sales.

Social Aspect - Community Partnerships

By the very nature of our tri-family partnership with the McKibbens, Goffs, and Pellets, we know, without a doubt, that a business will achieve more through cooperation. Throughout the year, we have many opportunities to donate experiences and wine to many charities and auctions, but some of our most fun endeavors are when we partner directly for events. Among others, this year we have an event with the Blue Mountain Humane Society, through the Pupper Bridge Winery Adoption day, which helps provide donations to keep animals fed, housed, and cared for until they are adopted.

We also like to highlight some of the best this valley has to offer through our winery experiences. This year, we look forward to partnering with Graze - A Place to Eat for our Picnic & Tasting Experience; Hattaway’s on Alder curates our menu for the Food & Wine Pairing Experience; Dyer Straits roasts our Winemaker’s Blend Coffee, now in select local stores; and TMACs is our new partner for our continued series, Lunch with Norm.

Environmental Aspect - Nature & Resources

As you walk into the tasting room in the summer you pass bees collecting lavender pollen; we’ve planted the lavender on purpose to promote pollination to the nearby apple orchards, and to promote the honey the bees provide. In the tasting room, you’ll notice the screen that shows how much power our solar panels are producing in real time—they power everything from our LED lights to our dishwasher to the equipment for wine production. Finally, when you leave with your wine purchase (get some wine), we pack it up in a recyclable box or reusable wine bag.

Economic Aspect – Keeping Costs Down

If you have been a club member for a while you may have noticed some of the big changes we have made. In shipping, we reduced the use of dye and the amount of cardboard. This not only reduced the amount of packaging, but the weight of the package, translating into lower shipping costs for you. We replaced the foil wrap on the bottle necks with a simple cigar band, which means less bottle cost and packaging, but also allows you to easily see the health of your cork as you store your wine. In the tasting room, we also practice sustainability by reducing our single use plastic waste, collecting cork for recycling, serving water in recycled wine bottles, and many other behind-the-scenes efforts.