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Will it Pair?! Hattaway's on Alder Edition

May. 5, 2020

Based on our winery-hosted Food & Wine Pairing experience, this is Will It Pair?!, a new way to explore our wines. Today, with local Walla Walla restaurant, Hattaway's on Alder. Watch the full video here.

My name is Jennifer Clapp and along with my Tasting Room Manager, Andrea Johnson, we are the hosts for the Food & Wine Experience here at Pepper Bridge Winery. Typically, by now, one of us would be taking people on a tour of our gravity flow winery and heading into the library for a three course pairing with our current lineup of wines. We started this program in 2015 because we always encourage guests to be patient with our wine and lay them down for some bottle aging. But having patience is getting harder and harder these days. 

If you don't have the patience to see how these wines evolve over time, the next best way to show off their true personality is with food. Because our wines are high in acidity and tannic structure, they are the perfect pairing for all sorts of food. With a few basic rules, you can pair anything in your house with a good bottle of wine. 

We have been pairing our wines with Chef Richard Hattaway from Hattaway's on Alder for the last two years and he has knocked it out of the park. Since we are all closed to the public for tastings and elevated experiences, we decided to experiment with some new pairings ourselves. 

Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook for the latest pairings and news about when we might be able to open our doors again.

We miss each and every one of you and cannot wait to raise a glass with you soon!


Jennifer Clapp
Director, Direct to Consumer Sales