At Pepper Bridge Winery, our wine is built to age–it deserves patience (but if you just can’t wait, have it with food!).

  • Pepper Bridge Winery staff has enjoyed reds perfectly aged in our cellar that are over 15 – 20 years old. We recognize that everyone enjoys wine differently, so we encourage you to get more than one bottle and explore it over time!
  • We recommend that you enjoy our Sauvignon Blanc within 5 years of the vintage date on the front label, although we have enjoyed some vintages up to 10 years after release!


Note that these are only guidelines. Both white and red wine change a great deal over time and your enjoyment of an aged wine depends a great deal on your palate.

Here are some fun resources to help figure out what you might like.


We recommend that the wines be cellared between 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit and served at a temperature of 64 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Here’s some extra tips and tricks to set up your wine collection for success.


If you have any questions about specific wines or vintages, please reach out to us at

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