A World of Flavors to Discover

The interplay of food and wine is our favorite way to learn, so we put in the “hard work” of testing and tasting the recipes with our wines and put something special together for you!

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Cabernet Sauvignon | Brussel Sprouts Tray Bake

Merlot | Blackberry Pizza

Trine | Rosemary White Bean Dip | Tamarind & Honey Glazed Salmon

Sauvignon Blanc | Onion Galette | Tamarind & Honey Glazed Salmon

Pepper Bridge Vineyard Blend | Meatballs

Seven Hills Vineyard Blend | White Bean Skillet | Carrot Tartine | Vegan Pate



Food-Focused Experiences

Join us at the winery to continue exploring the interaction between food and wine!



Enjoy our series, Will It Pair!?, dedicated to exploring the gamut of dishes, snacks, etc. that pair–or don’t!–with our wine.